Equus Saddle Fitting Service

Taking care of your horse as if he was my own


Your horse is very important. He is your best friend, confidante and pet, and he works very hard for you. His well-being should be paramount and a well-fitted saddle goes a long way to keeping your horse happy and healthy. 

Signs of poor saddle fit can be subtle or extreme depending on your horses temperament. Signs can include: bites or acts out when saddled or girthed; anxious when mounted, won’t stand still; bucks/kicks under saddle; chips or rushes jumps; trouble with leads/lead changes; improper muscle development – no topline; stiff to warm up/cold-backed and showing a reluctance to enter the arena.   

Saddle fitting is an art and takes patience and skill to master. I have helped countless horses and riders find the right fit and my skill in this area is something I am happy to share. I hope this website offers you some options on your saddle fitting journey.