Equus Saddle Fitting Service

Taking care of your horse as if he was my own

Laura Veenstra, CSFT  

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a diploma in Agriculture with Equine Option, I was certified as a Saddle Fit Technician by world renowned Master Saddler Jochen Schleese in 2006. I worked alongside him and his other Saddle Fit Ergonomists for a number of years – fitting saddles to some of the top horses in North America, including horses on both the Canadian Dressage team and Eventing team. Life as a saddle fitter kept me on the road a lot, and away from my own horse, so when the opportunity arose to turn saddle fitting into a part time venture I took it. Now I am able to work as a saddle fitter purely for the joy it brings me. I love to help horses and riders with their saddle fit.

There is so much advertisement (both true and false) about saddles and how they should fit. I believe wholeheartedly in the veterinarian approved training I received from Schleese and I feel that you cannot argue with anatomy. There is a place for you to sit on your horse without hurting him and there are saddles out there that will let you do that without breaking the bank. Since I am not associated with any one brand or another, you can know with full confidence that the only thing you’re getting at your saddle fitting assessment is a true and honest picture of how your saddle is fitting based on your horses unique body shape.

I make it my personal mission is to help each one of my clients find the right saddle for their needs and will give you all the disclosure you could want in order to make a truly informed purchase of a new saddle or how to make the current saddle work effectively. 

Now based out of Horse and Hound Tack Shop in Midhurst, Ontario, I am really enjoying the challenge of finding the right saddle for horse, rider, and budget. I have maintained excellent working relationships with local tack stores and other saddle fitters since branching out on my own, so finding a saddle for you often takes me significantly less time then when you hunt on your own.