Equus Saddle Fitting Service

Taking care of your horse as if he was my own

Saddle Fit Assessment 
On Site Tree Adjustment 
On Site Reflocking
Pro-Fit Reflocking/Overhaul **no full assessment required, but no warranty on fit**
Personal Shopping **includes visits to tack stores, unlimited emails/calls, and includes 2 in barn assessments of saddles on trial prior to purchse. Does require a saddle fit assessment**
Mileage Fee (applies to clients farther than 20km from Horse and Hound Tack Shop in Midhurst, Ontario) **Can be divided between clients who are at the same barn** Additional 0.15 per/km may apply to area's outside the greater Barrie area. 
Show Season Package **Great for a young/growing horse also**
Refits within 1 year but not covered by the 6 month warranty
Missed Appointments without 24 hours notice
 Major Repair Work (sent out - quoted prior to performing work)