Equus Saddle Fitting Service

Taking care of your horse as if he was my own

Jess Astels – Vegas and Brody

I first used Laura when I was having a problem with my horse and my saddle slipping to one side. She quickly assessed the problem, and when that resulted in finding a new saddle, she took the time to locate a great saddle, at a great price, to fit my gelding. She also managed to find another saddle to fit my extremely short backed 3 year old! Both are amazing saddles, and I would have never found them on my own. She not only took the time to locate them within my budget, but also fit them to my horses and made sure that I was comfortable in them. She is very knowledgeable at what she does, and takes great care in making sure both you and your horse are more than comfortable. I would recommend her in a heart beat after the saddles she has found and fit for me and my horses!


Renee Hoare – Felix

I have a favorite saddle. It's old, it's bruised - but I love it and always have. I was thrilled when it appeared to fit my pony, Felix. As his training progressed and I was in the saddle more and more I was beginning to see signs of grumpyness that needed to be nipped in the bud.

First thing i thought of after being sure he wansn't a little lame was to call Laura. We've known each other for many years - and I knew she was good. I was well prepared for the worst (having to replace it) but was thrilled to find she was able to remedy the bridging that I had failed to notice on site in less than an hour, and give me a great education on what she was doing in the process.

After this, his training progressed and while I'd like to say he was magically never grumpy - that would be a fib, however fixing the saddle fit issue did make it so that our training progressed normally - and I felt confident that I was not trying to train him through the pain of having a poorly fitted saddle.

I recommend Laura to everyone who needs help with their saddles.


Michelle Staples – Georgia and Oliver

When I first met Laura I was riding an extremely sensitive mare. With Laura's subtle guidance I made several changes to my tack based on the equine anatomy tips she shared with me. She was never over baring or forceful - only offering her advice when it was asked. One of the changes we made was my saddle. Laura sold my old, ill fitting saddle, and found a beautiful new saddle for me, at a fantastic price. It was such a treat to personally experience the difference in my horse from an ill fitting saddle to a correctly fitting saddle. Now she is quick to check the saddle whenever I'm nearby and is happy to make adjustments, as well as full saddle fittings and measurements, whenever I need. She is honest and flexible with a great eye for ensuring that the saddle works best for horse and rider. Laura is tireless in her hunt for a good deal and always checks her facts. I would happily recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Skye MacKenzie – Joey

After I started part boarding my first horse Laura was fantastic about finding a beautiful saddle that fit my horse AND my budget. Through the next year she ensured that it continued to fit me and my horse well, answering any questions or concerns I had. When I bought my own horse not only did Laura find the perfect saddle for me and my new horse, but she helped me sell my old one to the perfect situation. Use Laura only, no one else, ever

Bailey Mixemong – Miloh

Laura is an exceptional saddle fitter who takes time to ensure that her customers obtain an understanding of their horses anatomic development and movement. She ensures that her customers find a saddle that is not only right for the horse, but also an amazing fit for the customer even with a tighter budget. Laura has a plethora of knowledge about working around horses and goes to great lengths to ensure the horses she works with are comfortable and handle with the upmost respect. Laura has worked with me and my horse (we were a particularity hard fit) to create the perfect saddle for us. During the 13 years that I've been a part of the equestrian world, I've never met a more knowledgeable and caring person. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Kate Kennedy - Finn

While I was saddle shopping Laura was an excellent sounding board, always willing to give expert advice on what brands and sizes I should look for. Then, despite an extremely limited budget she found the most perfect saddle for both my horse and I. In the years since she has helped keep my horse Finn happy and sound as he has grown and changed shape. She has fit his saddle numerous times as he is quite sensitive and requires a somewhat unorthodox fit. She is creative and tenacious and has always made sure both Finn and I are happy. I owe so many happy, sound, comfortable rides to her!